Philanthropy is the driving force of economic growth in the developing world, both nationally and internationally speaking. When people think of a nations economy, a large amount of focus is directed to the level of the nations water supply. Parts of the world which are experiencing a bad economy, are likely parts of the world which have little access to fresh drinking water. The importance of a philanthropic donation to increase water supply in certain parts of the world is great simply because it gives people access to cleaner water for drinking, cleaner water for agricultural purposes and cleaner water for washing their clothes or doing their dishes. Companies and investors, like Jason Hope, in the United States make philanthropic donations of tens of millions of dollars in order to help countries without proper water filtration systems to get the same type of drinking water which is being offered in the United States.

Philanthropic investors are becoming more socially active in terms of growing the economy in certain parts of the world. For example, China is seeing a larger amount of philanthropic donations beginning to surface in the technology industry than they have ever seen before. These philanthropic donations in China are leading to an increase in the countries internet speed as well as an increase in the amount of capital flowing through the Chinese economy. The Chinese economy, thanks in large part to a large number of extremely generous philanthropic donations from some top level organizations, is now moving faster than most other parts of the developing world in regards to the technological advancements and the governmental structure of the country. Still, areas such as the United States are receiving large philanthropic donations in order to increase the countries energy supply and also provide the countries military with more efficient machinery.

Global Investment

Often times, when a countries water supply becomes scarce, the government will intervene and provide the proper amount of philanthropic funding to initiate a long term fix to the problem. Some countries governments are not given enough funding to provide their community with a philanthropic investment large enough to solve the countries water supply problem and are thus forced to ask for international philanthropic funding from any country willing to help. The lack of fresh water is a very real problem in certain parts of the developing world, which is why philanthropic donations are such an important part of life.